Refereed Journal Articles

“Activating Animus: The Uniquely Social Roots of Trump Support” Forthcoming at the American Political Science Review. (with Lilliana Mason and Julie Wronski). (LINK)

“Partisans Use Emotions as Social Pressure: Feeling Anger and Gratitude at Exiters and Recruits in Political Groups” Forthcoming at Party Politics. (with Andrew W. Delton, Michael Bang Petersen, Theresa E. Roberts, and Leda Cosmides). (LINK)

“Who’s at the Party? Group Sentiments, Knowledge, and Partisan Identity” Forthcoming at the Journal of Politics. (with Lilliana Mason and Julie Wronski) (LINK)

“Controversy and Costs: Investigating the Consensus on American Voter ID Laws” 2021. Political Behavior 43: 397-421. (with David C. Wilson) (LINK)

“Fight Clubs: Media Coverage of Party (Dis)Unity & Citizens’ Selective Exposure to It.” 2020. Political Research Quarterly 73 (2): 276-92. (LINK)

“Enemy or Ally? Elites, Base Relations, and Partisanship in America.” 2019. Public Opinion Quarterly 83 (3): 534-58. (LINK)

“No Harm in Checking: Using Factual Manipulation Checks to Assess Attentiveness in Experiments” 2019. American Journal of Political Science 63 (1): 234-49. (with Jason Barabas) (LINK)

“Organized Labor as the New Undeserving Rich? Mass Media, Class-based Anti-union Rhetoric, and Public Support for Unions in the U.S.” 2019. British Journal of Political Science 49 (3): 997-1026. (with Benjamin J. Newman) (LINK)

“Using, Experiments, Observational Data, and Content Analyses to Study Partisanship in America.” 2019. SAGE Research Methods Cases. (LINK)

“Why Can’t We Agree On ID? Partisanship, Perceptions of Fraud, and Public Support for Voter Identification Laws.” 2017. Public Opinion Quarterly 81 (4): 943-955. (LINK)

“Economic Inequality and Public Support for Organized Labor.” 2017. Political Research Quarterly 70 (4): 918-932. (with Benjamin J. Newman) (LINK)

“No Love for Doves? Foreign Policy and Candidate Appeal.” 2017. Social Science Quarterly 98 (5): 1659-1676. (with Helmut Norpoth) (LINK)

“Control, Accountability and Constraints: Rethinking Perceptions of Presidential Responsibility for the Economy.” 2016. Presidential Studies Quarterly 46 (2): 335-364. (LINK)

“Backlash against the ‘Big Box’: Local Small Business and Public Opinion toward Business Corporations.” 2014. Public Opinion Quarterly 78 (4): 984-1002 (with Benjamin J. Newman) (LINK)

Book Chapters & Reviews

“The Empiricism Strikes Back: Strategies for Avoiding a Post-Truth World”. 2020. In “The Future of Global Affairs: Managing Discontinuity, Disruption and Destruction” (Ankersen & Sidhu, Eds.). Forthcoming in 2021. Palgrave-MacMillan. (LINK)

Review of Adam Seth Levine’s American Insecurity: Why Our Economic Fears Lead to Political Inaction. 2016. Journal of Politics 78 (1): e12-e13 (with Jason Barabas). (LINK)

Research Under Review and In Progress

Realist Framing & International Relations (with Mary Beth Altier). Under Review.

Measuring Attentiveness in Experiments (with Yamil R. Velez and Jason Barabas). Under Review. (Link to APSA Preprint) (Link to IMC Talk)

Perceptions of the Wealthy (with Benjamin J. Newman). Under Review.

Motivated Reasoning and Deficit Spending (with Ian G. Anson). Under Review. (Link to APSA Preprint)

Media Engagement

“Study Looks at What Motivates Trump Supporters” (National Public Radio (NPR); 07/11/2021)

“Trump’s Cult of Animosity Shows No Sign of Letting Up.” (The New York Times; 07/07/2021)

“Donald Trump Has Escaped Criticism for the $2 Trillion Covid-19 Stimulus. A Democratic President Would Not Have.” (London School of Economics USAPP; 04/03/20)

“Americans Start Caring More about the Deficits and the National Debt When the Party They Oppose Runs Them Up” (London School of Economics USAPP; 02/28/2020)

“Analysis: Trump More Negative, Prolific on Twitter Amid Democratic Impeachment Inquiry” (USA Today; 12/23/2019)

“Which is Worse: Bigotry, or Cowardice in the Face of Bigotry?” (The Washington Post; 12/12/2019)

“Trump Support is Not Normal Partisanship.” (New America; 12/11/2019)

“Trump Needs His Base to Burn With Anger” (The New York Times; 07/03/2019)

“Trump Support is Not Normal Partisanship” (Vox; 06/21/2019)

Why It’s Good for Bipartisanship When Politicians Publicly Ignore and Reject Their Own Party’s Base” (London School of Economics USAPP; 05/02/2019)

“Trump Dissolved His Commission Searching for Voter Fraud. That Won’t Change Republican Support for Voter-ID Laws” (The Washington Post; 01/05/18)

Republicans Care about Fraud, Democrats Want to Come Out Ahead, says study” (The Washington Times; 12/26/17)

Two Different Sets of Facts: Why Democrats and Republicans Feel So Differently About the Economy” (VICE News; 12/10/2016)

How Presidents Can Succeed By Disappointing Their Base” (The Washington Post; 07/13/2016)